Root-Gyp Granules

Root-Gyp Granules are sourced from the sole producer within the UK, Francis Flower Ltd, with Rootwise Ltd being their approved supplier.

Root-Gyp Granules consist of a finely ground Calcium Sulphate which has been combined with a water soluble organic binder to produce hard granules.  The granules provide all the benefits of Gypsum in an easily spreadable form and are ideal for accurate application.

The Benefits of Root-Gyp Granules

  • Improving soil structure;
  • Supplies Calcium and Sulphur, both essential plant nutrients;
  • Improving seedbed conditions;
  • Improving irrigation efficiency;
  • Improving the oxygen supply to the plant roots;
  • Improving plant health and growth;
  • Application to growing crops (foliage to be thoroughly washed prior to eating).

Application Rates

As an approximate guide, 400g per square metre will assist with the friability and drainage of clay soils; this rate should be increased to up to 600g per square meter for very heavy clay soils.


Dependent upon the number of bags ordered the type of delivery will vary from a courier service to a palletised delivery; palletised deliveries can be offered on tail lift vehicles.

Economy or next day deliveries can be arranged.

Product available in 600kg or 25kg bags.

Typical Data for Root-Gyp Granules

Chemical Analysis:

Ca:                                 33%

SO3:                               55%

Particle Size:               2mm to 5mm

Moisture Content:     < 1.5%