Root-Gyp Granules

Root-Gyp Granules are sourced from the sole producer within the UK, Francis Flower Ltd, with Rootwise Ltd being their approved supplier.

Root-Gyp Granules consist of a finely ground Calcium Sulphate which has been combined with a water soluble organic binder to produce hard granules. The granules provide all the benefits of Gypsum in an easily spreadable form and are ideal for accurate application to large areas.

A Gypsum product suitable for the commercial grower easily applied with an Agricultural Fertiliser Spreader. Root-Gyp Granules provide valuable benefits to the soil and plants and look to increase crop productivity by:

  •  Improving soil structure, root penetration, aeration and drainage;
  • Creates friable soil and builds deeper top soil;
  • Reduces surface crusting and improves seedling emergence;
  • Increases calcium balance in the soil without changing pH;
  • Stabilises organic components of the soil;
  • Assists fungal control of root crops and fruit;
  • Purifies soils with salt contamination;
  • Maximising fertiliser effectiveness.

Product available in 600kg bags.

Typical Data for Root-Gyp Granules

Chemical Analysis:

Ca: 33%

SO3: 55%

Particle Size: 2mm to 5mm

Moisture Content: < 1.5%