Magnesium Lime

Rootwise Ltd sources a superior quality screened Magnesium Lime product with a high neutralising value and supply of essential trace elements.

Sedimentary rock consisting largely of Calcium and Magnesium Carbonates and containing not less than 15% of Magnesium as MgO of which 100% will pass through a sieve of 5mm.

The Benefits of Screened Magnesium Lime

  • A superior quality product providing possibly the most efficient source of Magnesium available;
  • High neutralising value;
  • High levels of naturally occurring levels of Magnesium Oxide;
  • Ideal for Magnesium deficient soils;
  • Spreads effectively to 12 meters using any conventional lime spreader.

Product only available in bulk.

Typical Data for Magnesium Lime

Chemical Analysis:

Magnesium (Mg): 20%

Calcium (Ca): 30%

Neutralising Value: 55%