Root-Gyp Powder

Root-Gyp Powder is a ground powder produced from the processing of Gypsum mineral, Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate (CaS04.2H20) which is highly soluble and pH neutral. The product is manufactured from a naturally occurring mineral and therefore variations in colour and non-gypsum content are to be expected.

A Gypsum product suitable for both amenity and turf growing companies, Root-Gyp Powder provides valuable benefits by:

  • Improving and maintaining the health and hardwearing properties of amenity turf;
  • Improving soil structure;
  • Supplies Calcium and Sulphur, both essential plant nutrients;
  • Improving seedbed conditions for new turf;
  • Improving irrigation efficiency;
  • Improving the oxygen supply to the plant roots;
  • Improving plant health, growth and repair rates;
  • Increasing the playability of winter sports fields.

Product available in 25kg or 1 tonne bags.

Typical Data for Root-Gyp Powder

Chemical Analysis (Minimum Percentages):

Purity as Calcium Sulphate: 85%

Calcium (Ca): 28%

SO₃: 27%