Root-Gyp is a naturally mined in Newark, Nottinghamshire by Saint Gobain Formula through British Gypsum, with Rootwise Ltd being their preferred supplier throughout the UK.

Root-Gyp is produced from the processing of the Gypsum mineral, Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate (CaS04.2H20) and provides an excellent source of Calcium and Sulphate which is highly soluble and pH neutral. The product is manufactured from a naturally occurring mineral and therefore variations in colour and non-gypsum content are to be expected.

A Gypsum product suitable for amenity turfs, particularly during the creation of new sports pitches, Root-Gyp provides valuable benefits by:

  • Improving and maintaining the health and hardwearing properties of amenity turf;
  • Improving soil structure;
  • Supplies Calcium and Sulphur, both essential plant nutrients;
  • Improving seedbed conditions for new turf;
  • Improving irrigation efficiency;
  • Improving the oxygen supply to the plant roots;
  • Improving plant health, growth and repair rates;
  • Increasing the playability of winter sports fields.

Product only available in bulk.

Typical Data for Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate

Chemical Analysis (Minimum Percentages):

Purity: 98%>

Ca: 22%

SO₃: 44%

Moisture Content: Variable – Weather Dependent

Particle Size: Coarse Grade