Root-Gyp Pro

Rootwise Ltd only source Root-Gyp Pro from companies who operate to strict quality control criteria with all Gypsum manufactured to PAS109 specification.

Root-Gyp Pro is recycled waste plasterboard with all contaminants removed, including the paper backing. Once re-cycled the product has less than 0.5% paper content and has proven to be an excellent substitute for naturally mined Gypsum.

A dry, white processed Gypsum suitable for amenity turfs, particularly during the creation of new sports pitches. Root-Gyp Pro provides valuable benefits by:

  •  Improving and maintaining the health and hardwearing properties of amenity turf;
  • Improving soil structure;
  • Supplies Calcium and Sulphur, both essential plant nutrients;
  • Improving seedbed conditions for new turf;
  • Improving irrigation efficiency;
  • Improving the oxygen supply to the plant roots;
  • Improving plant health, growth and repair rates;
  • Increasing the playability of winter sports fields.

Product only available in bulk.

Typical Data for Fully Recovered Processed Calcium Sulphate

Chemical Analysis:

Purity: 95%>

Ca: 30%

SO3: 48%

Particle Size: 6mm down to dust

Moisture Content: < 5%